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"AIM Group of companies" - Aichi Industrial Markings, Inc. (AIM), Japan Administrative Labels Co., Ltd., Beijing Lutong Printing Company, Shanghai Lutong Printing Company, Tianjing Lutong Printing Company, and Shanghai Luai Trading Company, celebrating 70 years of operation in 2016, will fly further aiming for a splendid company group across Asia, mostly in special application printing industry.
We manufacture, process and sell Labels, Automated Identification labels and tags, Metal or Resin nameplates, Cards etc., in both Japan and China.
To meet our customers' various high level requirements, we endeavour introducing high-ended printing facilities, and training engineers intensively. High quality as well as less environmental load targets are met in good accordance with ISO/UL official certifications.

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Features of AIM Group

Supporting leading edge technologies

With a sustaining focus on advanced technologies, we process RFID tags from the latest process, or Labels by latest Digital Printing systems.

RFID tags
Digital print labels

The industry's top ranged facilities

Offering wide ranged printing and processing technologies such as Labels, Automated Identification labels/tags, Metal/Resin nameplates, cards, AIM Group is able to meet customer's various requirements with top ranked facilities throughout Asia's nameplate/label printing industry.

UV Inkjet printer Digital printing system Rotary press Automated label inspection equipment
Major equipments

Achievements and Experiences

Maintaining long term and confident relationship with quality demanding electronics or automobile manufactures, AIM Group receives high appreciation on its quality.

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